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Studies have found that social skills training has

significant benefits:
•    Better grades
•    Less fighting, impulsivity, inappropriate behaviors
•    More self confidence
•    More able to understand other’s feelings
•    Improved problem solving abilities
•    Better impulse control
•    Safety awareness
•    Better ability to solve conflict

To serve the needs of the entire family, we also offer an added feature: a monthly parenting support group to provide support, parenting strategies, and ways you can build on the skills your child is learning in the group.   (Note: there is an additional fee for this option.) Both of these options

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•    Have difficulty making or keeping           friends, or acting appropriately in           social situations?
•    Have trouble keeping a                                   conversation or 

       recognizing other's feelings?
•    Have a symptoms or a diagnosis               of  Autism Spectrum Disorder or            ADHD?

CONNECT might be a good fit for your child!

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A social skills learning group for kids ages 6-12

•    Insurance:  If your insurance policy covers group therapy and we are participating providers, we will happily bill the insurance for you - you would only be responsible for your copay.  The copays for all six sessions would be paid before the first meeting.
•    Self Pay:  The cost for each 6 session cycle is $280, payable in two installments of $140, the first before the first session and the second installment after the third session.  If the payment is made in full at the beginning, there is a $30 discount.
•    Parent Support Group:  The monthly group cost is $40 per family.

When:    Saturdays 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. in  6 week cycles
Where:  Boyertown, PA

​After you complete the registration form, you will receive a confirmation message with payment information.  Please note:  registrations will not be confirmed until payment is made.

For more information:  

Contact Tara Kryman, M.A.
Phone:  800-689-0250, ext. 5


CONNECT is a skill building group where your child can learn and develop the critical abilities needed to be successful in school and other social environments in a way that is fun and in an environment that is safe and supportive.