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A therapeudic support group for kids grades 4-6

Please Note: All groups are put on based on the amount of interested participants.

LifeGrowth Psychological Services

When:  Dates and times are determined when enough interest is generated to begin group.

Boyertown, PA

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Contact: Courtney Cavett, M.A.

Email:  Courtney@Life-Growth.net

​Phone: 800-689-0250, ext. 4

Is your child tired of being the target that everyone picks on? Does your child feel like nobody cares and there is nothing they can do? They are not alone. The National Center for Educational Statistics estimates that nearly 1/3 of all students in grades 6-12 are bullied.  Bullying can lead to low self-esteem, aggression, lack of assertiveness, lack of trust in other people, depression, and even suicide. Support groups for victims of bullying have been shown to give students the tools and confidence they need to stop the cycle of victimization. 

BEYOND BULLYING is a therapeutic support group for students in 6th - 9th grade  that is designed to provide kids with a safe environment to press their emotions and experiences with their peers who have also experienced bullying.

Here they can:
 1. Define bullying and learn the signs
 2. Become assertive and make healthy choices
 3. Access support and learn effective coping skills
 4. Build self-esteem and confidence