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The Good Divorce 

by Constance Ahrons

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Good Parenting Through Your Divorce 

by Mary Ellen Hannibal

The Smart Step Family by Ron Deal

Every divorce is complex and unique to the people

and situations involved. In helping someone work

through a divorce, whether it is a child or an

ex-spouse, we work first to identify their unique

experience and circumstances. It isn’t a “one size

fits all.” By providing support and helping to

develop effective coping strategies,

stress-management, self-care, and identifying

where current circumstance intersect with other

life issues, we can help you begin to make your

way down the path towards healing.

In working with children going through a divorce, it has been shown in research studies that a divorce can have an adverse impact on a child’s life. The best predictor of a child’s ability to navigate a divorce without future mental health issues is in the ability of the parents to communicate well with each other about how parenting will go after the divorce. For that reason, caring for children who are going through a divorce always involves helping the parents to be able to communicate well with their children. We also help the children have language to describe what they are feeling and verbalize what they need as well as heling the parents identify and respond well when a child is expressing themselves in this way. We help children in the transitions between having more than one home and the helplessness they might feel throughout the process.

No matter where you find yourself or your children in the process, we are here to help you and your family rediscover your peace, purpose, and potential.

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