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The Hold Me Tight® Program

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You’ve learned how to negotiate, fight better, change bad behaviors, even laugh more.  

Why haven’t they brought the change you really want in your marriage?

Here’s the answer:  you don’t build or even repair a marriage with a bunch of techniques.  

To have a fulfilling, enduring marriage, you must replace what is often missing at the core:  

true emotional connectedness.  Much of how we live our lives today wars against true

connectedness.  The result?  We think we are “connected” with others, even our spouse,

but deep down we are terribly lonely. 

What does the Hold Me Tight® program do to help?

The Hold Me Tight® program teaches seven different conversations designed to help

couples learn how to move away from negative patterns of conflict,to increase their emotional

responsiveness to one another, to forgive old wounds, and to rekindle their desire and affection. The program uses Susan Johnson's book Hold Me Tight®, videos of Sue working with couples, and interactive experiences that help a couple begin to recognize the defining moments of their relationship and build new connections. All experiential, interactive work is done privately between the partners, followed by group discussion. No one is required to share any personal experiences with the group.

The seven conversations through which you will be guided are designed to increase the experience of emotional responsiveness, that sense of safety and closeness that answers three key needs:

  1. Accessibility:    Can I reach you?  Do you hear what I need?
  2. Responsiveness:    Can I rely on you to respond to me emotionally?
  3. Engagement:    Do I know that you will value me and stay close?

​​These key questions are buried, hidden just under the surface in most of our

recurring arguments about issues such as chores, personality differences, sex, kids,

and money. If partners feel safe and loved, they can deal with differences and problems

together.  If not, then relationship issues and fears get channeled into endless disagreements around practical issues of every day life.

The Hold Me Tight® workshop :

  • Lets you learn as a group but practice privately as couples.  Trained professionals guide you as you build these key relational bonds.
  • Gives you two days of steady learning and practice to get you headed in the right direction.
  • Builds on the Hold Me Tight® book, which you will receive in advance and will use as a reference afterward, as you practice and reinforce what you’ve learned.
  • Connects you with knowledgeable professionals for follow up consultations if desired ​

If you and your spouse want to create and maintain a loving, secure, committed relationship, you need more than the lessons offered in most marriage seminars, books, and retreats.