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Appointments are made directly with Dr. Morrison based on her availability. To set up an appointment, please leave a message for Dr. Morrison using the contact information on this page.  Email messages are responded to most quickly and are preferred.  When you write or call, please leave the following information:

  • Your name,
  • the name of your insurance company
  • ​a brief statement about what service you are inquiring about,
  • your email address and a phone number where it is okay to leave messages for you,
  • and the best time and method to reach you.

​Dr. Morrison will return your message within one business day in most instances.​​

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"We know that, when we run into pain and trials, they can be good for us because they help us learn endurance. And endurance develops strength of character in us, and strength of character brings hope.  And hope does not disappoint us..."
St. Paul
Approach to Therapy

Dr. Morrison believes that we as persons are made up of our emotions, our thoughts, our relationships, our bodies, and our spiritual selves.  Based on this, she works from a perspective of first helping you stabilize your situation by making necessary changes in behavior.  Medical or neurological contributions are examined, as well as possible nutritional deficiencies.  She then focuses on your cognitions, or thoughts, that are distorted or are contributing to your emotional pain.  If systems in your life, such as family, work, or school, are a factor in your difficulties, these areas will be addressed.  Finally, connecting you to the larger questions of existence, such as spiritual issues, and issues of purpose and meaning in life, are all very important for mental health.  All of these areas are dealt with from a solid grounding in scientific literature and research.

Dr. Morrison also runs Reclaim Life, an international nonprofit that brings grassroot mental health initiatives to urban slum communities in the third world.  Because this work requires her to travel frequently, she works a bit differently than the typical weekly therapy schedule, seeing her clients for extended-length sessions of 3-6 hours every one to two months.  While the visits are less frequent, the extended length allows us to stay with the work and go much farther in a shorter period of time.  Many people really like and benefit from the freedom to really work deeply in the extended sessions and not having to tie up time every week to receive the benefits of a skilled therapist.  If this sounds like a good fit for you, please contact Dr. Morrison to schedule an intensive session during her next available time.

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Dr. Morrison received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Graduate School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA.  She also holds an M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and an M.A. in Education from Alfred University in Alfred, NY.  Dr. Morrison has been licensed as a psychologist in PA since 1995 and is also licensed in Texas.


Carmen Ranalli Morrison, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist