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There is a growing body of scientific evidence pointing to the connections between nutrition and mental health.  The links between and body are crucial for optimal functioning.  Dr. Morrison has taken advanced studies in nutrition in order to include this important contributor to mental health in the interventions we offer for your whole-person well being and offers consultations to help you get started healing your mind by healing your body.  

Nutrition for Mental Health 

For both children and adults, testing can point the way out of places where you have gotten stuck.  For children, difficulties in mood and behavior are often related to difficulties with learning. Understanding a child's learning needs can provide direction for interventions both at home and at school.  For adults, psychological testing can help clarify occupational potential, interpersonal difficulties, and issues related to disability.

Educational and Psychological Testing

Group therapy offers the advantage of allowing you to work through specific issues with others who struggle with the same things. It is a safe place where you are not alone, where you can receive support and under-standing.  It is also a cost effective way to address issues that may not be covered by your insurance.  We offer a variety of groups throughout the year.

Group Therapy

Services that cover the full range of life experience

From specialized child and adolescent services, to individual adult, marital and family therapy, we can help you achieve the peace, purpose, and potential that you seek.

We approach individual issues in an individual way.  We strive to help each person set realistic, achievable goals for growth and health.  To accomplish these goals, we use a combination of cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and existential/spiritual approaches to help you move into health.

Our approach to marriages and families in crisis draws primarily from a theoretical approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  EFT is a scientifically validated approach that really works to help couples reconnect with each other.  We also draw from other approaches when appropriate to help address needs such as parenting, adolescent issues in the family, sexual dysfunction, and more.

We have over 15 years of specialized training in issues of child and adolescent treatment.  We have helped children and youth struggling with disruptive behaviors, attention problems, developmental delays, anxiety, depression ,divorce, grief, and other issues that disrupt their growth and development.  In addressing these issues, we work with all the systems that impact their lives from family to school, from church to activities.  We also have substantial experience working with families in turmoil over divorces.  


Family and Marital Therapy

Individual Therapy

Child and Adolescent Therapy