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Canyon Kids

This group provides support for children and adolescents in grade 6-9 that are struggling with the effects of bullying. Unfortunately, bullying can be frequent in the lives of children, happening both in person and on the internet. The emotional effects are often the same and this group strives to give a place for children to process those emotions.

Stepping Stones is a group where you can join with other adults who are facing the same struggles and adjustments and know that you will be understood. It is a safe and supportive space for you to share your personal journey, knowing that your story will be respected and your privacy protected. 

Stepping Stones

A skill building group where your child can learn and develop the critical abilities needed to be successful in school and other social environments in a way that is fun and in an environment that is safe and supportive. For children ages 6-12.

2. The group also allows a person to develop new ways of relating to people.

3. During group therapy, people begin to see that they are not alone and that there is hope and help. It is comforting to hear that other people have a similar difficulty, or have already worked through a problem that deeply disturbs another group member.

4. Another reason for the success of group therapy is that people feel free to care about each other because of the climate of trust in a group.​

1. When people come into a group and interact freely with other group members, they usually recreate those difficulties that brought them to group therapy in the the first place. Under the direction of the group therapist, the group is able to give support, offer alternatives, and comfort members in such a way that these difficulties become resolved and alternative behaviors are learned. 

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The Exceptional Parenting group is designed to provide parents with the support they need to be present with their child while promoting beneficial behaviors. Right now there is significant stress on parents regarding how to best support their children during so many things changing around them. 


Exceptional Parenting

Therapeutic Groups We Offer

LifeGrowth Psychological Services

A divorce support group for kids grades 4-6 designed to help kids who are struggling with the effects of divorce. Often feeling like they are stuck in between two walls, Canyon Kids focus on helping kids process their emotions with other peers who are in similar situations.

Please Note: All groups are put on based on the amount of interested participants.

Why is group therapy helpful?

Beyond Bullying