The Exceptional Parenting group is designed to provide parents of children with disabilities a place for parent connection, emotional support, and resources. Right now, there is a significant stress on parents regarding how to best support your children through this pandemic. You may be wondering, "How can I motivate my child learning from home? Through this isolation, will my child's behaviors or skills regress in any way? How can I encourage socialization right now?" 

We are here to encourage connection and self-care. Together, we will navigate challenges and celebrate the successes unique to your children and family as a whole."

This group is designed to discuss the following challenges:

  • Supporting my child's education: in-person and virtual

  • Fostering socialization during a pandemic

  • Advocating for my child's current and future goals

  • Navigating insurance for therapy services

  • Balancing therapy appointments and life

  • Family dynamics, marital satisfaction, and parent self-care

Format/Meeting Times: 7-week series on Saturdays from 10:00am-12:30pm via Zoom beginning February 6th. Groups will be 8-10 members.

Cost: $70 per family

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