To have a fulfilling, enduring relationship with your teen, you must get at what is often missing at the core:  true emotional connectedness.  

Much of how we live our lives today wars against true connectedness.  The result?  We think we are “connected” with others, but deep down we are terribly lonely. This goes for your teen and for parents.

The Hold Me Tight® Let Me Go program teaches and gives examples of dynamics that work and helps you understand where you are getting stuck. You then get to practice and actively experience creating deeper connections in your relationships.

Throughout this workshop you will work together as parents, as co-parents with your teen, in small groups with other families, and process together as a larger group to begin creating deeper connections that will last for years to come.

Hold Me Tight® Let Me Go

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For: Parents with children 12 and under.
When: TBD


Where: Hosted virtually via Zoom

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