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Child and Adolescent Services

We also know that the greatest influence on your kids will always

be the parents.  That is why we always do child and adolescent

therapy in partnership with the parents.  Parents are regularly

included in sessions with children.  Adolescents are usually

treated in a combination of individual and family sessions.  Our

child and adolescent specialists, Tara Kryman, M.A. and

Courtney Cavett, M.A. are highly skilled and experienced.  For

more information on our approach to the treatment and healing of various difficulties for children and adolescents, please click on any of the topics to the right. To learn more about Tara or Courtney, please click the links below.

We value the role that parents play in their children's help and view our services as partnering with you, coming along side of you as you provide the love and care your children need to thrive.  We know you are the experts on your kids and so view your perspectives and input as a vital part of the treatment process.