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What Topics Does The Program Cover?

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The program is conveniently held over the course of two days, typically over a weekend,  to accommodate busy schedules. There are 8 sessions in total.  The agenda for the program is: 

Day One: 


  8:00 a.m.    Session I:     Understanding Love and Attachments  

10:00 a.m.    MORNING BREAK 

10:15 a.m.    Session II:    How Love Goes Wrong: The Demon Dialogues  

12:15 p.m.   LUNCH (provided)

   1:15 p.m.   Session III:   Finding the Raw Spots in the Demon Dialogues    

   3:15 p.m.   AFTERNOON BREAK   

   3:30 p.m.   Session IV:  Fixing Mistakes and Creating a Secure Base   .

   5:30 p.m.   END OF DAY ONE     

Day Two: 

   7:30 a.m.    CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST    

   8:00 a.m.    Session V:   Becoming Open and Responsive  

10:00 a.m.    MORNING BREAK 

10:15 a.m.    Session VI:  Forgiving Injuries and Trusting Again  

12:15 p.m.   LUNCH (provided)   

   1:15 p.m.   Session VII:   Tender Touch and Synchrony Sex   

   3:15 p.m.   AFTERNOON BREAK   

   3:30 p.m.   Session VIII:  Keeping Your Love Alive and Caring for Your Relationship   

   5:30 p.m.   CLOSING AND SUMMARY