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This program is designed to assist you in understanding your relationship and enhancing the quality of your connection.

It is an excellent aid for those who:

*  Are in a committed relationship but want to strengthen it

*  Are in a committed relationship but feel that the bonds have faded over time

*  Are in a committed relationship but have been feeling detached or that the level of  

    conflict has increased

*  Are engaged to be married and want to establish a solid foundation for their relationship

*  Single persons, either never married or divorced, who would like to learn how to develop

    deeply connected relationship

This program is not suitable for those where:

*  There is an obvious lack of commitment to the growth of the relationship by one partner

*  There is evidence of extensive and/or long-standing relationship distress in the

    relationship such that a couple would be better served by seeking out a couple therapist

    rather than engaging in an educational program 

*  There is evidence of significant physical (hitting, slapping, use of implements to hurt or

    intimidate) or emotional (frequent hostile name calling, to the point where one person

    expresses fear of the other) abuse in the relationship

*  There is evidence of a history of significant mental health problems in either partner that

    would preclude productive engagement in the group experience

While facilitated by trained professionals, the program is NOT a substitute for therapy with a trained mental health professional.

If you have any questions about the suitability of the program for your needs, please contact Dr. Carmen Morrison.