Bilingual Testing
Testing in all areas described above is available with a Spanish language administration.  The evaluator is fluent in the Spanish language, trained in what measures are valid for non-native English speakers, and has Spanish versions of tests that can be administered.​​

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Adult Testing
We offer testing to adults to address the following questions:
•    ADHD 
•    Evaluations for disability 
•    Forensic evaluations 
•    Specialty evaluations, such as are

       required for bariatric surgery or

       infertility procedures are also available.

Because neurology and personality play such a large part in making up who we are as individuals we offer testing to help identify the puzzle pieces that can leave us stuck and misunderstood.  We don't just administer test; we gather information, clarify needs, and develop a comprehensive report of recommendations that are proven to help individuals with those same needs.  Below is a list of the the kinds of effective testing services that we offer.  

 Child and Adolescent Testing
Testing for children and adolescents is done whenever there are behavior concerns that may have underlying neurological causes related to information processing, memory, attention deficits, or learning deficits..  This battery of tests will identify attention problems, learning difficulties, memory difficulties, and other issues that often underlie behavior problems, anxieties, and depression.  

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LifeGrowth Psychological Services

Psychological and Educational Testing

A Note About Cost/ Insurance

Please understand that while testing can be extremely valuable and worthwhile in helping to develop a specific, comprehensive, and informed treatment plan for you or child, it is rarely fully covered by insurance plans and so is not something that we can usually bill to an insurance company.  Psychological evaluations take a great deal of time, training, and skill.  We will discuss with you what will need to go into the evaluation and will develop a testing battery to meet you/your child's needs.  The cost of testing is billed on an hourly basis and payment is expected at the time of the service.  The time that is billed will include the test administrations, the scoring and interpretation, as well as the time spent developing the final report, which is the product that you are investing in.  Please refer to our list of fees for more information on the cost.